Quickly Fix DNS Server Unavailable Error On Windows

Considering that Windows 8 and ten are Made to Match on Any Type of Apparatus, Particularly on mobile and signature established ones, the Internet connection is essential when speaking about this new OS developed by Microsoft.

Also, So as to get access to Windows Store and also for having the ability to look at your emails, to join to your own friends and colleagues trough Skype or societal networking platforms you need to get an internet connection enabled all of the time.

So, When coping with DNS problems you want to act fast so as to revive and troubleshoot your internet connections, if we’re discussing your router, WiFi adapter or some other connections which are coming to your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 apparatus.Dns server unavailable fix is really easy and cool you can fix in minutes

Connected to a network, a frequent problem which may be shown in your apparatus is the next one”Your DNS server Unavailable.”

This Alert is telling you that something is not working correctly and you can not connect to the Internet until each of the issues is being repaired.

The Reasons which may create the DNS system error are different, but we’ll attempt to address the most typical ones by describing the methods from beneath.

By Adhering to the instructions from this tutorial you’ll have the ability to understand how to fix the Windows 8 Windows 8.1’Your DNS server Unavailable’ error message easily, so don’t hesitate and check the exact same.

DNS Server Unavailable

DNS Problems can be severe, and they are able to stop you from accessing the Internet. Talking of DNS problems, consumers reported that the following issues:

DNS server may be experiencing problems — This can be a frequent problem that may occur on just about any PC. If this error happens, make sure you wait a few minutes and attempt to access Internet.

DNS server may be down — This is an unlikely error, but it could still happen once every so often. To repair this problem, you may need to change to another DNS temporarily.

DNS server not responding, maybe not accessible — Occasionally you could find this error message in case your DNS server is not properly configured. To repair the problem, make sure you look at your DNS configuration.

DNS server timed out — This is another frequent error that could happen. If you are getting this error message, then your PC may not have the ability to achieve the DNS server.

DNS server not located — Occasionally you could get DNS server not found the message. If it happens, it is advised to look at on your network setup and DNS server’s address.

DNS server disconnected — Still, another problem that could happen using DNS is DNS server disconnected message. Like most other DNS-related problems that one may be brought on by your network settings.

DNS server keeps disconnecting — Lots of users reported that their DNS server keeps disconnecting. This problem is usually linked to a network connection or settings.

DNS server couldn’t be discovered, couldn’t be attained — This is just another problem that could happen with DNS. To correct the issue, it is advised to test whether your DNS address is accurate.

How to Repair Windows 8 Your DNS Server May Be Unavailable Error

Solution 1 — Change your Router

This is the Simplest troubleshoot Solution to do when dealing with DNS errors. In the event you’re using a router for setting your network connection, simply unplug and reconnect with the router or press on the router reset button.

This Way, if the problem is Just minor, you’ll have the ability to swiftly address the”Your DNS server may be unavailable” error.

Solution 2 — Eliminate Extra security applications

In case You’re using over one safety tool in your Windows 8 apparatus, you may find a DNS alert.

This is occurring because of Incompatibility problems and other conflicts involving your antivirus or antimalware applications.

Thus, just uninstall the additional safety Platforms and maintain only one antivirus program on your device.

Many users reported that Avast antivirus caused this problem in their PC, so if you are using Avast, make sure you remove it and check if this solves the problem.

Solution 3 — Run your own Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Network Troubleshooter

Each Windows system comprises an In constructed network troubleshooter. By conducting the same, you’ll have the ability to detect the reason for your DNS problem and also to address the issue.

The Network Troubleshooter is Fantastic for novices and if you don’t understand how to correct a system problem manually.

You can initiate this procedure by Visiting a Start Screen; out there point your mouse over the upper-right corner of this display until the lookup box has been exhibited; there form network troubleshooter and follow the onscreen prompts.

Solution 4 — Flush the DNS

This Way You’ll Be able to Request a brand fresh IP address from the ISP server, and this could just solve your network issue; just follow the upcoming steps:

  1. Proceed to your Start Screen.
  2. From that point press Windows key + R.
  3. About the Run box which will be shown type cmd.exe and click OK.
  4. Afterward, on the cmd window enter the following commands (sort input after each one):”ipconfig /flushdns”;”ipconfig /release”;”ipconfig /renew”;”exit”.

That is It you now understand how to correct the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1’Your DNS server easily may be unavailable’ error.

If You understand other methods which may be utilized in precisely the exact same thing, do not hesitate and discuss the same together just use the comments area from below.

Of Course, we’ll update this tutorial so, and we’ll aid you whenever possible.


Updated: August 13, 2019 — 3:12 pm